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            judel/vrolijk & co / Najadvarvet

Dimensions and data:

            Length hull 492(15.00 m)

            Length waterline 431(13.13 m)

            Beam 149 (4.50 m)

            Draught 67 (2.00 m) [reduced version]

            Displacement 18 000 kg (18.0 t)

            Lead keel 6 900 kg (6.9 t)

            Mast height above water line 6910(21.30 m)

            Engine:Yanmar 4JH3-HTE  96 h.p., 72 kW


Sail areas:

          Cruising 1248 sq.ft.(116.0 m2)

            Main, 667 sq.ft. (62.0 m2)

            Furling Genoa 140% 807 sq.ft. (75.0 m2)

            Cutter stay sail 377 sq.ft. (35.0 m2)

            Gennaker 1 722 sq.ft. (160,0 m2)  


Now that we have sailed TANIWANI for 9 years, lived on her for over four years and covered some 50,000 miles, we have certainly gathered some experience with our boat and the systems we had chosen.  Despite previous experiences, many systems and features had to be selected based on some recommendations or just the information available, which was and is usually quite inadequate. 


Many products, despite great marketing claims, are simply aimed at occasional week-end or vacation sailing use, and certainly not up to every day use for years in a row. Others had problems with heat and sun. Luckily we also found products that performed well and way above expectations. Where we had problems, we could gain some insight into the customer support side and here the contrast could not be bigger.


Learned the hard way, we now think we could half the number of problem products on board, if we had to equip from scratch again. That is considering that time moved on and one would have to get some products with little track record. For us this chance would only exist if we moved on to the 'next' boat or through a major refit some day.


So for all those of you who plan their boat and equipment we have put together a list of all major equipment and tried to give it a rating. This list with some short comments you find at: 


Equipment Rating