In early 2008, Taniwani was still waiting in Richardsbay, but by September we arrived in mainland Portugal where we had started our world tour in early 2004, just short of 10,000 miles from Richardsbay. Our tour went round southern Africa, with stops at Mossel Bay and Cape Town. Then on to the island of St. Helena and across the South Atlantic to Brazil. After some 3 months in Brazil, we sailed the long haul up north to the Azores, explored most of the islands there, before sailing to Madeira to meet up with friends and family and then completed our tours of 2008 sailing the short trip back to the mainland where we kept Taniwani over the winter in the very sheltered marina of Albufeira.

The detailed reports below end with our arrival in Horta. 

Report 1: South Africa Part II: RichardsBay to Cape Town, and sailing to Brazil via St. Helena

Report 2: Brazil and the Trip to the Azores



sailing round the world - Najd 490