This is the first report from this (2002) summerís long cruise of Taniwani and crew. Expect a few of those before we hope to finish this trip in Portugal.

I have made up three mail distribution lists, one for German reports, one for English reports and a common one for the relevant pictures. The pictures may actually come in multiple messages, given the sometimes shaky connection.

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Today is Sunday the 16th of June, we are anchored in a nice    

and quiet spot in a long inlet called Lough Swilly, slightly west

of Malin Head, the northernmost promontory of Ireland. We 

are moored between bow and stern anchor just outside the tide 

that flows in and out of the Lough. The āKidsí took off for Derry 

to pick up Felixís friend Dominic at the airport.


Yesterday we had a longer passage (66 nm) from Ballycastle around Malinhead. It was quite a smooth ride despite the changing weather. But now it seems we might be weather locked for a day or two with a significant depression approaching.






Ballycastle is a nice little harbor with a new small marina. Nice little town with good facilities next to it. From there we also had a trip to nearby Giantís Causeway. 

A short stretch along the shore, where cooling lava formed into hexagonal blocks of black lava stone. (See pictures).







About similar in length was the trip from Scotland to Ireland on Thursday, passing along the notorious Mull of Kintyre with its strong currents and rips. Our passage was carefully timed so we moved on quite nicely.







Before all of that there was just a lot of work to get the boat ready again after the winter. It is always surprising how many things donít work, that were seemingly ok before the winter. Some examples are three water leaks in the plumbing of the water maker, (no, it didnít freeze in the winter); or why does the gimbaled stove not swing freely?


Plenty more of that, but then the same is true for the crew that has to get all the routine going again. Slowly getting there again.


Best wishes from the Crew of Taniwani                                       

Report2: From Loch Swilly to Inishbofin